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Writing About Invented Gender-Neutral Pronouns

A little while ago, I wrote up a blog piece about invented gender-neutral pronouns, comparing some of the ones that seemed most capable of being adopted in the English language (ze/hir, ze/zir, xe/xem/xyr, ey/em/eir, ve/ver/vis and ne/nem/nir), and converting Alice's pronouns in a passage of Alice in Wonderland to each of these so that readers can compare for themselves how each pronoun flows in the language. I want to say right away that my comparison isn't meant to judge or belittle anyone who personally uses the pronouns I criticized or ones I didn't mention: I completely believe in your right to use these pronouns, and I think people should be able to use whatever pronouns for themselves that they're comfortable with. My goal is just to find which one would be easiest for people to adopt generally on a universal scale. I realize that this is very difficult and unlikely, but I like to think that it's possible - especially since with the rise of the internet and semi-anonymity, even people unconnected to the genderqueer community run into the dilemma of how to pronounize someone whose gender is unknown.

I also compiled a list of comprehensive links on this blog, listing every (non-redundant) resource I could find relating to gender-neutral pronouns, since the only comprehensive link-lists I found haven't been revised since 2004, and I thought some updating might be due.

I hope this is helpful as a resource, but more importantly, I'd love to hear feedback from the community. Although I researched the topic beforehand, I've written this on my own so far and it'd be great to hear new perspectives from others with experience on this topic. Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to pronouns, but has anyone done any experiments comparing the different pronouns and seeing which ones are easiest to get used to? I've tried rewriting passages with various pronouns and then seeing how easy it is to read on paper/say aloud, but I haven't done any serious experimenting, and I'd love to see if anyone else has.

The blog in question can be found here:

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