beautyinbalance (beautyinbalance) wrote in androgynes,

Surmounting paradigms (in relationships)

The moment isn’t ripe just yet

It’s lacking that sheen

That grey-purple hue

Of Melancholy’s sunset


I anticipate the motion

That anticipates the moment

Neurochemical conversation;

Voices, berating


My tongue won’t move!

The words can’t form

But now’s the time to say it

Meaning’s window is open;

Delivery’s path curves.


A hand on a shoulder

A sensational alternative

Succeeds in eliciting a glance

Illuminated by

Sparks, astonished;


I swear I could have lit

My cigarette by them

Placed it between

His full lips, so as to have

A path to follow as he

Walked away


But he stayed

And inhaled my presence

At the moment

I longed for him to be

Addicted; the qualifier

Of his air



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