eyeinfection (eyeinfection) wrote in androgynes,

Doctor Trouble: A RANT.

I DO NOT know where doctors get off minimalizing the concerns of genderqueer people.

Today I went to a new doctor and he told me I'm "not transgendered" because his outdated definition of transgendered excludes people such as myself.

I am FTMasculine rather than strictly "FTM", but this has absolutely no bearing on the legitimacy of my body dysphoria -- and I know this. He apparently doesn't.

I would contend that I suffer MORE ACUTELY from the body dysphoria factor than many or most FTMs. I'd also contend that how far you want to move along the gender spectrum does not necessarily correspond to the level of discomfort and suffering you experience. Most people have a hard time understanding this, and it's a problem: even trans-friendly doctors do not understand people who fall outside of the binary, or how to treat them. They act like our problems are less serious than those of "real" transgendered people.

I'm also sick to hell of people (health providers and transgendered people alike) being suspicious of me because I have long hair. Excuse my french, but FUCK THAT.

Sorry guys, I'm just so frustrated I don't know what to do.
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