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Androgyne: A person whose biological sex is not readily apparent, whether owing to chance or choice.

Please read this information before joining or commenting. Please pay special attention to the note about photographs and images.

This community is for androgynes: Those who are neither female nor male in appearance but something else (both, neither, in between or something else entirely). If you are naturally androgynous, present androgynously or have 'transitioned' into androgyny through medical/surgical means, you are welcome to contribute.

Those wishing to become androgynes, or who identify as third gendered and find their current presentation and gender role uncomfortable or inappropriate, are also welcome members.

Androgynes may identify as third gendered (simply, something other than female or male), androgynously gendered (specifically between female and male) or find gender (identity) something complex, absent, irrelevant or extremely personal. They may be intersex or assigned one of the binary sexes at birth. What groups them together is that their appearance in day to day interactions is not clearly female or male -- some observers may be confused, others will make a definite categorisation but later find that some of their peers came up with the 'opposite' result with just as much ease and conviction.

In practice, androgynes are not immediately gendered as female or male and may in their everyday life find they are treated as a changeable mix of the two socially acceptable gender roles (with some exceptions). They may only reveal their gender identity once they are close friends with someone, or may feel that their gender is irrelevant or non-existent (sex: the appearance of their genitals, only being appropriate information for lovers and doctors).

It is not unusual for androgynes, especially those who feel their gender and sex are personal, guarded information, or those who identify as something other than female or male, to adopt a gender-neutral name or refuse to give out sex or gender (perhaps on forms or documents) unless it is specifically relevant. Others are comfortable with casual or professional acquaintances interacting with them as their legal gender (for simplicity's sake) but do not give out any cues to strangers to tell them which of the binary choices this gender is, they are also likely to tell those who know them more intimately the true complexity of their gender.

I would prefer that members are androgynes 'full time' or as their 'default presentation' (or aspire to reach this situation). Those who crossdress, gender blur, gender bend or 'genderfuck' androgynously occasionally for recreational reasons (while otherwise maintaining a binary gendered presentation) may find communities such as _hmm a better fit. (However, if you are an androgyne who occasionally puts on gendered drag for recreational reasons, you're most welcome).

This group is for those who feel that they are inherently neither female nor male and so are, or would be, comfortable outside of those binary roles. Those who wish to change from one side of the binary to the other or who have a non-standard gender identity which includes 'boy', 'boi', 'girl' or 'grrl' in some way, may find the communities transgender, genderqueer or polygender_ppl more useful.

This community is not (specifically) for admirers of androgynes or those who enjoy looking at men/boys in make-up and women/girls in short hair and business suits. There are other communities for this purpose.

For more information on androgyny, the Androgyny RAQ is recommended.

Please note: This is a discussion community, photo posts are off topic unless they relate directly to the ongoing discussion and are within the context of a written post. Each individual image should illustrate something different and be directly related to the discussion. The number of images should be kept as low as possible. All photographs and images should be behind an lj-cut tag. Photo-only posts will be deleted. Other rule breaking posters will receive one warning.

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